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Wire Sawing

Auscut’s wire sawing service offers a simple and efficient means for cutting precise openings in concrete structures or to remove large concrete constructions all together, with a method that means virtually no structure is too large to cut.

Wire sawing is a technique that uses a multi-strand cable with diamond beads attached, rotating with the hydraulic or electric powered saw. It is threaded through a series of pulleys and continuously pulled through the concrete, with the diamond wire easily cutting through the concrete. This allows the saw to cut through any thickness of concrete as well as heavily reinforced concrete.

Wire sawing is ideal for cutting large sections of reinforced concrete such as piers, bridge sections, cutting in areas where space is restricted and even used for underwater sawing. Cuts can also be made flush to floors, wall and ceilings.

Auscuts wire sawing service provides a solution where other cutting methods are not practical. For any further information about this service or to arrange a free quote, please contact us on 1800 287 288.

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