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Concrete Cutting Part 1: A Job Strictly for Professionals

Concrete Cutting Part 1: A Job Strictly for Professionals

Concrete cutting is a specialised job. It is undertaken using a variety of equipment along with diamond impregnated blades or bits and tackles precision sawing and drilling of concrete, and includes removal of concrete areas.

The diamond blades and drill bits can be equipped with various types of diamonds and should be chosen according to the material that is to be cut. Concrete cutting requires experienced and skilled workers and it is not recommended for the DIY enthusiast.

Concrete sawing and drilling has replaced the far less efficient, messy and old-fashioned method of using a jackhammer. Executed correctly, it doesn’t just deliver a smooth and clean job, it also reduces mess and dust as today’s equipment employs water to suppress the dust.

Concrete cutting is generally undertaken using one of the following methods – wall sawing, core drilling, hand/demo sawing, ring sawing and road/flat sawing

In part one, we’re going to get to know wall sawing/cutting and core drilling:

Wall sawing/ cutting – Using a diamond blade, this large hydraulic cutting saw is mounted to a track and can saw to a depth of 1000 mm. Despite the name, the wall saw can be used to cut on the floor, roof or wall for both vertical or horizontal saw cuts such as window or door openings.

Common applications can include:

  • Create openings in foundations
  • Stairwell or lift shaft openings
  • Total removal of a building’s foundation

As wall sawing requires tremendous skill, experience and knowhow, it is a job strictly for an experienced professional. Naturally, it comes at a steeper cost than similar but less specialised services.

Core drilling – Less complex than wall sawing but still a specialised and complex procedure, it drills perfectly round holes in a range of sizes up to 1000 mm in diameter either horizontally or vertically, up to any depth.

Its common uses can be for electrical / plumbing needs to car park bollards through to test cores or stitch drilling for a larger and deeper openings.

Like wall cutting, core drilling too is best handled by experienced professionals. On the other hand, it is less costly than wall sawing. So save yourself the hassle, time and money and engage a concrete cutting contractor for core drilling jobs. Engaging an experienced professional ensures work completely efficiently and professionally. Don’t try to DIY if you don’t want to end up with a mess. It looks easy but is far from it.

Our advice is that you should hire professionals to tackle your concrete cutting jobs to save time, hassles and mess as well as ensuring jobs are completed safely. In the long run, you are likely to save money as fixing problems that crop up later due to incorrect use is invariably problematic, costly and time consuming.

At Auscut, we offer friendly and professional concrete cutting services across Australia that are backed by decades of hands on experience employing up to date technology with a focus on safety. With Auscut at helm of your concrete cutting requirements, your projects will reach the finish line much quicker. Contact us today for more information.